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It is our honour and pleasure to help & support –
   Adult Children of Seniors,
   Family Members of Seniors,
   Power of Attorneys,
   Senior Living Communities OR
   Anyone looking for help with any or all of our services.


Downsize & Declutter – Sort & Organize your home by categorizing all your belongings and keeping only what you want, use or need.


       Removing unwanted items – Recycle, Reduce, Reuse. Our focus is to assure we        do not add to our landfills. All legal documents are securely removed.


 Create Floor Plan – of your new home to make sure you only bring what will fit.



       Staging – Supporting you and your Realtor by preparing your home to sell.

 Packing – all your belongings going with you.

Co-ordinate the Move – oversee Movers from start to finish

Unpack & Set-up - according to the floor plan – all boxes, set up kitchen, living                 room, bathroom, bedroom, make up bed, hang clothes, and remove all packing material            

Clean – new & previous home


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