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Allies in Downsizing


If you’re going to invite me into your home or office then you might like to know a little about me. Well 1st and foremost, my family means everything to me so in order for you to understand me… Here I am with my Family!  

My name is Debby McNair and I am the owner of Allies in Downsizing. We started in 2015 and continue to grow with no signs of stopping. With over 150 moves under our belt, we have seen it all. “We think” Trouble shooting is just one of our attributes we have perfected. Along with sensitivity, communication, organization, and so much more. With aging parents, in-laws, aunts, uncles, friends & neighbours, I understand how life can throw us curve balls. The ability to manage even the basic tasks of daily life can take a back seat to more urgent matters.

I have spent the last several years downsizing, decluttering, packing and moving, the most incredible people. I feel as though I have found my niche and couldn’t be happier.

What made me decide to start this amazing company?

I found myself helping…3 sets of parents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and several others to purge their homes, downsize into apartments, moving into retirement homes and nursing homes, it’s my passion to help. The transformation is amazing!

“Easy living” as my Dad now calls it…By the way he was NEVER going to downsize!

“I couldn’t have done it without you” said my Aunt when she moved into her retirement home…By the way she was NEVER going to move into a retirement home!

I thought there must be more families out there that need this help and just may not have the family to do it or live in the area. And here we are. Our business keeps growing and although our clients mostly range from 70yrs to 100yrs, we find ourselves helping new moms, busy families and executives that just don’t have the time. We are open to help anyone that needs it.

Where did I get the skills to run such a complex company?

  • 17 yrs at Olan Mills Portrait Studio as a Professional Photographer, Trainer, Supervisor and District Manager for an area that ranged from Peterborough to Windsor. Skills learned – how to make people feel comfortable doing something they don’t want to do. Putting people at ease. Professionalism, Organization, Keeping a cool head in a tough situation, Communication, Placement of pictures to help make a house look like a home - which helps with floor plans, creativity, unpacking and staging.

  • 9 yrs as a Manager at Staples over seeing Customer Service, Copy & Shipping departments. Take away skills – Multitasking, Customer service, Shipping

  • 3 yrs Managing the corporate flag ship store for The UPS Store. Skills learned – Networking with other businesses, packing & shipping

We are here to help everyone…

  • Executives & busy families may need someone to help when they just don’t have the time.

  • People with health issues might need someone to do the physical part of downsizing & decluttering.

  • Seniors need someone with compassion and the ability to get the job done without feeling rushed or stressed. This can all be so emotionally stressful but also physically demanding.


Recognizing it’s time to talk to our loved ones about downsizing, moving or simply purging their possessions is a tough conversation. I know all too well how you and your family are feeling. The emotions, the stress, and the anguish of making such a change are, in some cases unthinkable. Where to start? What to do? Who’s going to do it? Well…We are! Because once it’s all said and done, I will tell you … “Life will be easier and simpler for your loved one!”

I would love the opportunity to help you overcome whatever is keeping you from achieving your downsizing goals. Create a more peaceful, functional, and orderly home environment where you can truly live the easy, stress free life you deserve no matter how old you are.




Service Highlights –

  • No job too big or too small

  • Communication is Key

  • Respectful of your possessions and home

  • Compassionate of your feelings and emotions

  • Trustworthy - Police Check completed

  • 6 Step Free 1 hour Consultation

  • 3 R’s - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Organizational Skills

  • Time Management

  • Professional at all times

  • Oversee all 3rd party contractors (cleaners, movers)

  • Certified in Packing

  • Code of Ethics 



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