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Co-ordinate the Move



  • Our Professionals will come up with a customized plan just for you.

  • Write up an action plan with dates

  • Create a floor plan of your new home

  • Create a checklist of what needs to happen & when

  • Handpick and co-ordinate contractors – cleaners & movers 





  • Purchase all packing materials

  • Label all boxes according to the floor plan

  • Organize and carefully pack the belongings you are taking with you.

  • Pack food from fridge and freezer  in coolers

  • Pack a “last minute/open 1st”, clear see-through container 





  • We work with qualified, professional local movers.

  • We can pass on to you our discounted prices

  • Oversee moving day from start to finish – Arrive before movers and leave when your home is all set up and ready for you.





  • Our professionals will go into your new home to do a deep clean and prepare before the move. A basic clean and prepare for new home owners in your previous home.

  • If there is any cleaning to be done that is out of our realm, we will contract a professional cleaning company.



Unpack - Moving Day


  • Unpack “last minute/open 1st”, clear see-through container 

  • Unpack all boxes

  • Hang up clothes

  • Make beds

  • Put away all bathroom, kitchen, living room items

  • Food in cupboards, fridge and freezer

  • Remove all boxes & packing material



Addition Service – Next Day

  • Return to hang pictures

  • Set up electronics (Computers, Printers & TV)

  • Unpack remaining boxes

  • Remove all boxes & packing material




  • Clear out fridge and freezer as much as you can – try not to shop just before the move

  • Our plan is to make this move as easy and stress-free as possible. Watching the process can be upsetting and depressing. Why not do as our other clients have done…spend the day with family or a friend and return to your new home when it’s all ready for you to enjoy.





Your new home will be move-in ready, for you to enjoy for a long time. So sit back, relax and let us do all the work for you.





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