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Sorting &

Sorting 1 room at a time will help to keep things organized.

Usually we will work about 4 hrs a day. We can do a lot in that time and we find it's easier on the homeowner. Plus we don’t take up your whole day. Of course this will depend on how much time we have for this project. If time is not on our side, we will work longer hours.


Sorting into piles of –


Gifts – Get Generous –

  • Most of us know what we are going to pass down to our loved ones. This might be a great opportunity to do it while you can see them enjoy your generosity. When we were downsizing my Mom, we found items with names taped on the bottom. This was her way of making sure everyone got what she wanted them to have. So she decided to give away some of the items now. Everyone loved it and she was able to downsize and organize her space.

  • You may want to ask your loved ones if there is anything they would like before you dispose of anything.

  • Keeping control of… who gets what now… may stop some upset later.


Removal of gifts – This can be personal and you may want to give these as a one on one special time between you and your loved one. Or we can help deliver or ship.



  • Return any borrowed items you may still have.

  • If your house has become a rent free space for loved ones excess boxes, furniture etc. ask them to come up with an alternative solution or we can certainly help them with that. In most cases, they don’t have the room for these items in their house. If they really wanted these items, they would have made room. When they do move, they will be looking at these items just like you are looking at yours right now and deciding whether they are going to keep, donate, recycle or throw them out.


Removal of Returns – You may want to handle this yourself or we can help deliver or ship.



  • Clean, reusable items (clothes, dishes, appliances, furniture)

  • Do you have a favourite charity? Value Village donates to several charities depending on the location. There is the Salvation Army, Women Shelters, Good Shepherd, Goodwill, Clothesline, Canadian Diabetes Association,  Helping Hands Mission Services, Habitat for Humanity, Churches, second hand stores, just to name a few.


Removal of Donations – We can deliver these items to the location & charity you prefer, plus pick up a tax receipt for you as part of our services.



  • Some second hand stores will sell your items on consignment

  • Antique dealers – there are several antique dealers that will visit your home and pay cash right away. There are a few we deal with and can advise you.

  • Post in newspaper – Hamilton Spectator

  • Post online – Kijiji or Craiglist

  • Auction – Moving sale, Estate sale

  • Garage Sales – there is a lot of work to do when planning and organizing a garage sale. All items must be priced, clean, and good working condition.  Fill boxes with free stuff. This is items not worth your time to deal with but people might want if it’s free and they will remove it for you. Post your garage sale in the paper and or kijiji. Post signs in the neighborhood the night before and take them down when your garage sale is over. Send out a flyer to neighbours on the street 2 weeks before so it could be a multifamily garage sale. This will attract more people. Have lots of small change. Have extra people there to help you. Set up early. People always show up before the time you post. Have lots of tables to set up and display your items.

This may sound like a lot of work…it is!

But depending on what you are looking to dispose of, it might be worth it to you.


Removal of Sale items – You may want to handle this yourself or we can help deliver or ship.



  • Important papers to keep and file

  • Shred

  • Recycle


Removal of Returns – You may want to handle this yourself or we can help Shred & Recycle



  • Keep – organize into design boxes or photo albums

  • Garbage – don’t want, ripped, damaged

  • Give away – to loved ones


Removal of Pictures – You may want to handle this yourself or we can help throw out or ship.


Garbage –  

  • Non recyclable items

  • Recycle – Broken items & stained, toxic, glass, plastic, paper, wood,

  • Recycle – Toxic & medications

  • Recycle – glass, plastic, paper, wood

  • Recycle – electronics


Removal of Garbage – We will help you remove this and take to the appropriate location. See Eco Friendly Page.

For More Information on Appropriate Removal & Disposal, See our
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